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Kenco in Action.

Being able to help our clients safely and efficiently transport their oversized, high loads is important to Kenco. We know you rely on our team to clear aerial and roadside obstacles so your haul can reach its destination. That’s why we’re honored to take on your HIGH LOADS, and assure you OPEN ROADS.


Read What Our Clients Have to SAY.

  • Chemical clients   Chemical

    "I personally want to thank all of you and your teams for a safe transport and delivery to the project site. Please make sure to pass along my compliments to the guys in the field who helped make our first transport a success. Nice job!"

  • Construction clients   Construction

    "I would like to thank you very much for your help on our Round Rock haul—your employees are outstanding at what they do. The crew helped us out tremendously during some tough times with our equipment. I am very grateful for their help."

    "Thanks for the truck earlier this week. Everything went great as usual. I appreciate you squeezing in the “little guy”. I appreciate the service. Quality as usual. I would rather wait for you, than use your competition. When you have that much exposure on the road, it's worth having professionals."

  • Transportation clients   Transportation

    "The Kenco team is always our first choice for over height loads. We are always grateful for their service an experience on the job. Also, I need one of those awesome purple shirts! Thank you!"

    "I've worked with high loads for a number of years, and out of the four or five other high-load escort companies I've dealt with, Kenco is the premier service provider. I always feel a whole lot better when I see those purple trucks.

    Kenny Mungle stays actively involved in the entire process from start to finish, and keeps in excellent contact with the utility companies. I can't say that about other companies.

    For example, one massive project with an energy company involves transporting four very large pieces of equipment about 50 miles. An extraordinary amount of coordination is required among the cable, phone and power company people, and Kenny has been right in the middle of things, trying to make sure everything works out to everyone's satisfaction. Kenny consistently asks, 'What can I do to make things better?''. Kenny makes safety a top priority, and seeing the purple trucks reassures me that I'm working with people who know what they’re doing."

    In January 2017, Kenco Bucket Trucks teamed with Edwards Moving & Rigging to safely transport two massive turbines (each weighing two hundred tons). Kenco's trucks successfully guided the transport and cleared obstacles along a route stretching more than 200 miles.

    "Moving that type of equipment along the back roads of the Poconos and Adirondacks was challenging, especially with the hazardous weather conditions. We were glad to have the crew from Kenco on our team."

    "I am a transport superintendent. I just wanted to let you know what a fine job that your guys did on the load we transported out of Sulphur, Louisiana. We were faced with a few challenges on this load, one being the high pole truck was not prepared for a night move, but your guys never batted an eye; we came up with a plan and it worked out good. I also appreciate the fact that all of the guys in your company work very safely and abide by all the rules and regulations of this business, which I feel is a very important part of the operation. I just wanted to thank you for providing such a good service to us and I hope we can continue in to the future."

    "I have worked with the Kenco team for over 14 years and time after time they have proven that safety is priority one. This allows me to concentrate on my job of moving the load. I can trust the Kenco guys know what to do and how to help me make the project move along swiftly and efficiently."

    "We have used Kenco for our bucket truck needs exclusively for the past two years. In every instance Kenco has been prompt, professional and courteous. Kenco has repeatedly demonstrated their efforts to serve our needs and the needs of our customers. Kenco has always come through in making our job successful and on time."

    "Mammoet USA, Inc. has been doing business with you and your team since 1996 and during this time we've encountered nothing but professionalism and efficiency. You and your co-workers perform with the highest safety standards and in the last several years, we have not encountered any incidents."

    "This is to commend Kenco Bucket Trucks for the manner in which they assisted us in a 3-vessel move from Houston, Texas to Freeport, Texas. They had the equipment and personnel to handle the job in a very timely manner. They saved us a lot of time on the job and assisted with many aspects of the move."

    "Without reservation, I can say that Kenco Bucket Trucks can be counted on to consistently provide on-time, professional service, qualified safety-minded personnel, and late-model, clean and dependable equipment. Kenco operators and technicians are the best in the business, and their safety record is second to none."

  • Municipality clients   Municipality

    "Kenco goes beyond just moving the load; they handle routes, assist in the logistics and conduct safety briefings prior to the actual move. I recommend Kenco Bucket Trucks to customers and any heavy haul company."

    "Our officers have worked with Kenco Bucket Trucks for over 15 years. Our officers routinely recommend Kenco Bucket Trucks to trucking companies, in transporting oversized loads, due to Kenco's high safety standards and superior knowledge of the Heavy Haul Industry."

  • Energy clients   Energy

    "Just want to pass on my thanks and appreciation for the professional manner in which you assisted with getting an extremely important oversize load into my company's refinery in Toledo. The crew worked tirelessly to make sure that the load arrived on time, which was critical to insuring the project was successfully completed. During what was a difficult route to negotiate, the team maintained a positive attitude, and their hardworking efforts reflect positively on KENCO."

    "Your guys did a fantastic job on the first one. They even went above and beyond to fix one of our service drops that was damaged by the phone company!"

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